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Read All About It - Gold Coast Medicare Local News Releases

Gold Coast Medicare Local and our partners are working in partnership to improve health and wellbeing across the region. We have many stories to share - here are some of them:

November 2013 - Movember:  Exercise and counselling, important tools for patient recovery on the Gold Coast

November 2013 - New report shows many hospital admissions are avoidable

October 2013 - Gold Coast residents challenged to shape up in light of high obesity figures

September 2013 - New Gold Coast trial to help persistent pain sufferers

August 2013 - Walking groups and healthy workplaces to tackle obesity and diabetes on the Gold Coast

June 2013 - Gold Coasters positive about their health: new report

June 2013 - Local Knowledge Driving Local Health Services (AMLA)

May 2013 - Gold Coast local brings fresh perspective to Queensland Clinical Senate

May 2013 - Supporting vulnerable children through a new mental health service for the Gold Coast 

April 2013 - Tackling chronic disease and obesity on the coast: new report

April 2013 - New report: Gold Coast Indigenous immunisation rates one of the highest in Australia

March 2013 - New report: GP services well accessed on the coast 

March 2013 - Linking you locally at your library to connect communities

February 2013 - Gold Coast health experts support fluoride

February 2013 - Gold Coast’s first health and wellbeing panel providing a community voice to tackle local issues

February 2013 - Multicultural issues on the agenda on the coast

February 2013 - New way forward to tackle disability access issues on the coast 

January 2013 - Measles alert highlights need for family immunisations to be up to date

November 2012 - Scheme to boost Gold Coast immunisation rates

May 2012 - AML Alliance welcomes funding for Personally Controlled eHealth Records (PCEHR)

May 2012 - Australian General Practice Network (AGPN) responds to Budget 2012

March 2012 - GC Health and Wellbeing Hits The Small Screen In GCML YouTube Premiere

March 2012 - Planning comes to fruition with GC Health and Wellbeing Exhibition on March 27

March 2012 - 1000+ Gold Coasters have their say as deadline looms Taking the Pulse

March 2012 - 1000+ Gold Coasters have their say in Taking the Pulse

February 2012  - Forum at Robina Community Centre on March 14 Healthy Ageing Forum

February 2012 - Studying on the Gold Coast? Have Your Say on health and wellbeing

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