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Engagement and Planning Stakeholders Group

One of the key tasks of Medicare Locals is the identification of the health and wellbeing needs of our local area and development of locally focused and responsive services.

The Engagement and Planning Stakeholders group provides guidance and direction to GCML in relation to engagement and planning matters and was the key mechanism through which work on the development of the Gold Coast Health and Wellbeing Plan was progressed. It is also a venue for sharing engagement and planning information, expertise and resources across the health and community services sector.

Through regular meetings the Engagement and Planning Stakeholders group are;

  • providing advice on the development and implementation of engagement tools 
  • providing information regarding data available 
  • providing particular data or data in requested formats (eg maps, hospital data) 
  • advising of and providing relevant reports and plans 
  • identifying potential opportunities for engaging with service providers/community
  • reviewing documents developed, ensuring accuracy and full context included
  • informing the topics and processes for forums and related engagement events
  • providing feedback and advice on format of Health and Wellbeing Plan and related documents.

Group Members

  • Ros Sorensen - Professor and Head School of Public Health Griffith University
  • Paul Burton - Professor of Urban Management and Planning Deputy Director, Urban Research Program Griffith University
  • Christopher West - Research Officer, Performance Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
  • Toni Peggrem - Project Director, Clinical and Support Services | Gold Coast Health Infrastructure Projects, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service
  • Tony Matheson - Community Engagement Officer | Communication and Engagement Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service
  • Amanda Noonan - Director | Communication and Engagement Gold Coast HHS
  • Sarah Wilton - Manager, Corporate Planning & Performance Gold Coast City Council
  • Ian Hunter - Epidemiologist, Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service 
  • Kellie Trigger - Planning and Population Health Program Manager GCML
 Ros Sorensen
Ros Sorensen

 Paul Burton
Paul Burton

Christopher West
Christopher West

 Tony Matheson
Tony Matheson

 Amanda Noonan
Amanda Noonan
 Sarah Wilton
Sarah Wilton
 Toni Peggrem
Toni Peggrem 
 Kellie Trigger
Kellie Trigger
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter 

Meeting outcomes

28 May 2014

      • MLs will be funded for another year then ongoing work will transition to PHN.
      • CNA was submitted. Evaluation of process revealed generally happy with level of data, level of consultation, outputs should be in formats used previously for local use. Outputs to date have been used regularly by partner oganisations. Local versions of outputs will be made available through website.
      • Potential to share and at least partially align work regarding stakeholder mapping and potentially mechanisms particularly with GCML and GCH re the integrated care project.

19 February 2014

      • Changes in membership of group do to staff and organisational changes. Open to involvement of new organisations with staff with expertise and responsibility around planning and engagement matters.
      • Report against Health and Wellbeing Plan going to Health and Welling Council for approval.
      • GCML Needs Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement policies beign developed, breifings given and feedback welcomed from the group.
      • Restructures at Griffith Uni regarding the Public Health area.
      • Big implications for NDIS roll out for Disability Services and the broader sector although timefrmaes and details are still unclear.
      • Feedback is sought from all members of group who want to contribute to update of GCML needs analysis. This is an interim process and next year a full renewal of plan will be done. Will be seeking advice and guidance of this group to design details of process.

November 2013

      • Report against plan updated and nearly completed. While acknowledged some measures are not ideal, group does not recommend reviewing/changing at this stage. Minor changes will be made and forwarded to GCML board in December.
      • While community comment has closed feedback from key stakeholders on City of Gold Coast Corporate Plan will still be accepted for a short period.
      • Upcoming Community Forum for Gold Coast Health on 10 December. GCML to assist in distribution of details to the community.

30 October 2013

      • Ramp down and transfer of operations to GCUH was very successful. Process used will be examined to better understand success factors. Early indications are that there is a significant increase in ED presentations.
      • Community panel to be expanded and recruitment of new members across community encouraged.
      • Draft “Accessible and Inclusive City Action Plan 2013-2014” is open for comment at
      • Continued development of report against Health and Wellbeing Plan.

31 July 2013

      • City of Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Legacy Officer presented details of the engagement and planning which has been undertaken to date and the early results. The initial plan is due for public release towards the end of the year.
      • GCML is currently scoping a framework for addressing health literacy to guide work in this space. Discussion re interest in this area from other agencies/partners. Looking at possibility of developing/accessing some HL tools to assist services to support clients with poor HL and setup a community of practice.
      • Day in the Life of document is close to finalisation, final check by group members and internal to GCML this week then final graphic design work to be undertaken.
      • Department of Health and Ageing with support of Price Waterhouse Coopers, are currently developing a consistent Needs Analysis Framework to guide all MLs in population health planning work. GCML are providing some feedback to the process and framework is due for release in September.

28 June 2013

      • Group reviewed and provided feedback on a one page data tool GCML is developing to describe key statistics and relevant projects being undertaken.
      • Third Healthy Communities report was tabled and reviewed, noting quite a variation in results. Particularly note that while some data sets indicate relatively good access, others show high rates of people putting off seeing GPs, dentists and filling prescriptions.
      • Planning processes which have been used to date will be reviewed and form base of a policy which is required to be developed for accreditation process. Draft will come to group for review.
      • Live presentation of “Regional Australia Institute” data map and discussion of strengths and weaknesses in system.

24 May 2013

      • Gold Coast Health draft Strategic Plan tabled for feedback.
      • GCML proposed projects for 2013-2014 tabled for discussion and identification of points of potential collaboration.
      • Reviewed Gold Coast Health and Wellbeing Plan Reporting Template and outlined proposed methods of collection. Aim to have collated information by October
      • General update on recent data releases and the updated population profile (soon to be available through website).
      • “Day in the life of our Region” concept discussed and widely endorsed by group. It will be further developed internally and a draft brought back for further discussion.

22 March 2013

      • Considered Healthy Communities report regarding access to and quality of general practice services. Recommended details be provided to the community panel to provide insights in to the data. 
      • Partners have or are considering a range of software to support engagement. Look at opportunities to recommend software and use for joint projects rather than each purchasing own version. 
      • “Linking you locally” events have commenced bringing together support groups, clubs, services and activities at libraries to promote participation in community and to promote or start local group or clubs. More details available on
      • Group reviewed what has worked well and challenges faced in joint planning processes to feed into Medicare Locals Population Health and Planning Forum 
      • Gold Coast regional feedback to inform Bilateral Agreement (between Commonwealth and Queensland Government regarding primary health care and Queensland Government policy on primary health services discussed.

1 March 2013 

      • Reviewed recent data and reports to inform update of needs analysis, several data sets were noted as due for release soon which should be considered as part of updating needs analysis. 
      • Group raised issue of whether disaster management and recovery needs to be reflected in information for needs analysis, to be explored further. 
      • Discussed progress of Community Panel and invited partners to consider work which aligns to Health and Wellbeing Plan which the Panel may value add to. 
      • GCML and City of Gold Coast partnering in “Linking you Locally” initiative through libraries to bring together support groups, service and activities. Asked all members to promote broadly.
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