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The Launch of the Gold Coast Health and Wellbeing Plan

Article published: 17 October 2012

On 8 October The Gold Coast Health and Wellbeing Plan was launched with over 150 partners, service providers and the community attending a public breakfast in Justin’s Park, Burleigh Heads.

mattatlaunchDetailing a six-point vision for improved health and wellbeing, the plan aims to provide the local community with a platform to understand and improve the health and wellbeing quality of Gold Coast residents.

Over a five month period earlier this year Gold Coast Medicare Local worked collaboratively with a number of government and community agencies and engaged the community in a new kind of conversation about health in order to develop the Plan.

CEO Matthew Carrodus said that an extraordinary amount of preparation, research and determination had gone into the Health and Wellbeing Plan.

“Collectively we have balanced data and research with local knowledge from service providers across the spectrum of primary health services including not-for-profits, government and private sector, and the community.

“We were overwhelmed to receive over 2,000 responses to our Taking the Pulse campaign and could not have pulled the Plan together without the input of those who got involved in Taking the Pulse, our forums, strategic planning days and the Health and Wellbeing summit in March.”

He also mentioned that it was important for everyone to know that Gold Coast Medicare Local didn’t come up with the priorities outlined in the Plan of their own accord.

“Participants from government, private and non-government health and community service providers plus consumers, carers and community representatives got together and jointly determined the strategies to inform the Plan,” he said. “The priorities that were identified include health promotion and early intervention activities, particularly exercise and screening activities, improved access to information and better coordination across service providers, particularly using technology.

Groupwithbooklets“The result is a Plan that details a shared foundation to tackle the challenges that the community and service providers are facing, and one that we are very proud of.”

Everybody involved in the development of the Health and Wellbeing Plan now has the task of keeping up the momentum and turning the strategies into positive outcomes for the community.

Copies of the Health & Wellbeing Plan, the supporting Gold Coast Population Profile and the Taking the Pulse Engagement Report are available on Gold Coast Medicare Local’s website at

Hard copies are available by contacting us on .

Health and Wellbeing Plan

Article published: 1 August 2012

The Gold Coast Health and Wellbeing Plan has now been endorsed by the planning and engagement organisations who have taken a lead in informing and guiding the development of the Plan. Hard copies and online version of the following documents will be available from late August:

  • The Health and Wellbeing Plan
  • Overview Summary of the Health and Wellbeing Plan brochure
  • The Population Profile and Addendums (already available on the website)
  • and the Results of the Taking the Pulse Engagement Report

Literally thousands of people across the Gold Coast region have contributed to these documents to ensure we can all have a solid understanding of health and wellbeing in our region. Now that we have direction on our local needs, we can now work together to deliver local solutions.

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